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Uniek zitzak Nest


Handgemaakte zitzak van Zilalila.


NEST, the knitted bean bag was the start of Zilalila. He is handmade of the finest New Zealand wool. The inside cotton cushion of every knitted bean bag is hand woven and filled with recycled EPS material, which you can refill if you wish. Like no other home is the same, our knitted bean bag NESTS are one of a kind; therefore is each branded with a number to make sure you are the owner of a unique item.

Size: 90 x 135 x 90 cm (Handmade, can slightly vary in weight and size)

Weight: 11kg Hand knitted in Nepal Care instructions: Dry clean or wash at your local laundry place on cold wool program For best shape: dry flat No tumble dry! Handle with love

over de maker:

The seeds of Zilalila were planted in 2010, when Sam set off for Nepal and India with adventure in her eyes. During one of her back–and–forth travels she inspired friend Anita. It was Sam’s “not to describe inner experience” that gave both of them the motivation, energy and drive to create something special: a way of life that reaches past the mass production of today. Zilalila was born.




Each and every Zilalila product is fully handmade in Nepal according to fair trade practices, established by long-term relationships due to Zilalila’s frequent trips to Asia. With a passion, Zilalila focuses on working with a tremendous respect for the Nepali women, which goes far beyond the production process. Besides the opportunity for Nepali women to provide for their own income, Zilalila cares and uses a part of its proceeds to make education for the Nepali children possible and fun.




Zilalila’s products are made with as much love and attention as it was designed. Handicraft techniques with great care and precision give the products its authentic style. Each nest, pillow or rug is handmade and therefore unique and provided with a personal touch. By combining sustainability with soft tones, Zilalila stands for timeless design focusing on an enjoyable home for everyone.




Zilalila wants you to get a peek into their world and loves to introduce you to the talented women of Nepal.